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Solid Security at a Reasonable Price.

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You have secrets. Passwords and logins to get to your banking information. You have sensitive computer files. PDF of tax returns, copies of contracts, items with your personal information on them. If your computer is stolen, your data is in the open. Some “encryption” programs are easy to crack. Hide My Secrets doesn’t store your password. There is no back door.

Hide My Secrets™ by PedFast Technologies™ is designed to give you solid security for your home PC or laptop. At a very affordable price.

Easy to use. Familiar look.

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Hide My Secrets looks and works much like the Windows Explorer. However, the files you save are quadruple encrypted within a special file that we call a “vault.”

Let’s Say that again: QUADRUPLE ENCRYPTED

Secure Password

Hide My Secrets™ 2020 takes your passwords, logins and secure file data and encrypts them. And then encrypts them again. And then encrypts them yet again. And stored that in an encrypted vault file! Your data is secure.

And, if that is not enough, for special secure files with highly sensitive information, you can choose to have a second password protect your file. Even if someone had your vault password, this file would still be inaccessible.

Secure Previewing

Secure Preview

While Hide My Secrets™ will certainly export your secure files to regular storage if you need to use or print them, that sort of breaks the security. So we built in previewers that do not put unencrypted information back on your disk drive. You can see previews of all of the following file types:

  • Text Files
  • Acrobat (PDF) files
  • Word Files
  • Rich Text (RTF) Files
  • Excel workbooks
  • Image Files

you can view and read your files securely.

Secrets Too!

HMS Secrets
HMS Secrets

We store passwords and logins. You can paste the password securely into the forms. More secure than using the password “keychain” programs.

The Program Walks you Through It.

We have built-in interactive help on every single screen of Hide My Secrets™. The answer to your questions is only a click away!

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Hide My Secrets™ 2020 is available immediately. And it is Totally Inexpensive: Only $29.99.

You can purchase the program from our secure online website at https://commerce.pedfast.com, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Frequently-asked Questions

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I Lost My Password!

Don’t! Make sure you remember. We don't store the password. There is no way to recover the password for either the vault or any Secure File with its own password.

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When will this be out for the Mac?

Later, yes. We will also have an iOS version too.

Hide My Secrets™ — Others promise what we’ve already delivered.